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Local Veterans Launch Faith-Inspired Seasoning Brand

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Clap N Praise Seasoning & 2 Navy Vets Foundation

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My husband and I bought this seasoning during our annual flea feast. This seasoning is amazing!! We love supporting local groups and businesses that has a purpose behind their products. Garlic Salt is our favorite!😋

Brittany Celestine

Amazing product and a great cause!

A. Parker

This is making my food pop more than it ever has before. 😍

H. Gochez

Clap and praise deserves just that! Instead of using multiple seasonings to get the taste we wanted I can use just one type or two. We love it in our house.

Kelsie Hudson

I used the Cajun garlic salt tonight on some fresh green beans. A great seasoning at a great price! And lower sodium with a better flavor!!

Dean Deaslatte