Our Roots

Clap N Praise Seasoning was born in Lafayette Louisiana when 2 Navy Veterans decided to have a cook-off competition.

The Veterans blended together the best Louisiana spices and seasoning together and created their own special seasonings.

One day the veterans and their families were preparing meals to feed the homeless, displaced people, and veterans in the Lafayette area as a family project. It was that moment the idea manifested.

One small voice said, “Why don’t we sell the seasoning so we can do more?”

We are committed to doing more!

Clap N Praise Seasoning;

At the best possible price, we blend together the best Louisiana spices and seasoning to create the best tasting products.

To serve our community funds are generated for 2 Navy Vets Foundation's continuous efforts to provide help and assistance to our community and our military veterans.  

Your purchase of this product serves a greater purpose!



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